World Gynecologic Oncology Day/September 20th

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Raising Public Awareness

Foremost crucial objective is to raise public awareness focused on the impact of gynecological cancers on women, their families and friends, and the unmet need in the management of this disease.

Campaign Objectives

Mobilising Stakeholders

Another objective is to mobilise stakeholders to advocate for better outcomes for patients through greater awareness around early diagnosis, family risk factors and treatment options, and a holistic approach to patient care.

Establishing the 20th September as the Gynecologic Oncology Day (GO Day)

Finally, to make the Gynecologic Oncology Day (GO Day) a celebrated day every year and bring it on global level. This new initiative will be spearheaded by ENGAGe that will promote collaboration among patient groups, strengthen local advocacy activities and provide a platform for stakeholder engagement.