World Gynecologic Oncology Day/September 20th

GO For Awareness


Insufficient Attention to Gynecologic Cancers

There seems to be less attention to gynecologic cancers, even though there’s such a high number of women with these cancers.

The more attention they get, the more research funding they get as well. For example, breast cancer community has come a long way on demystifying and being open about talking about breast cancer, about risk factors, about what early signs are.

Embarrassment is a Key Factor

Women in particular seem shy about discussing anything to do with the genital tract. Even naming the area causes embarrassment and alternative definitions such as “below the waist” are preferred.

Women believe there is a greater stigma around gynecological cancers than other types of cancer. However, this needs to change.

Women need to understand that all gynecological cancers can be cured if detected early enough

Lack of Education

Gynecologic cancer education is very important. People need to know what the symptoms are, and they need to know what tests to be requesting from their health care providers.

Lack of Funding

Lack of funding for gynecologic cancers is an important issue. While correlation between obesity and endometrial cancer is a very clear, there is not sufficient funds being allocated toward research.

Fake News

Many parents choose not to vaccinate their children. Children who are not vaccinated are more prone to contract HPV and develop cancer later in life.