World Gynecologic Oncology Day/September 20th


About ESGO (The European Society of Gynaecological Oncology)

ESGO is a multidisciplinary, non-profit association, founded in 1983. Since then, ESGO has been continuously growing and today consists of more than 1800 professionals of different specialties dealing with gynecological oncology.

ESGO Vision

Optimal prevention and care for all women in Europe with gynaecological (genital and breast) cancer.

ESGO Mission

ESGO’s mission is to promote and improve the health and well-being of European women with gynaecological cancers through prevention, excellence in care, high quality research and education. ESGO aims to achieve high standards of professional training and care for gynaecological oncology in Europe.

ESGO Activities

These goals are accomplished through a variety of activities. ESGO organizes biennial European Gynaecological Oncology Congress, publishes the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, conducts Training and Certification in Gynaecological Oncology, provides Traveling Fellowships  as well as delivers many other interesting activities. ESGO Workshops and ESGO-endorsed meetings  have become a symbol of collaboration and friendship amongst physicians, scientists and medical centers in women cancer field all over Europe.

ESGO and Education

ESGO focuses special attention on education. E-Academy is an amazing educational and information online portal which will take you on an exciting journey through both the practice and science of gynecologic oncology.

ESGO and Other Networks

ESGO initiated several highly successful networks and special interest groups such as ENGAGe (European Network of Gynae Oncological Advocacy groups) or ENYGO (European Network of Young gynaecological Oncologists) – a vibrant section of ESGO that brings together, and represents the needs and aspirations of trainees and the younger generation of professionals in the field.  ESGO also facilitates and supports ENGOT (European Network of Gynae Oncological Trial Groups), and integrates different networks active in gynaecological cancer research like ENITEC, ENTRIGO, EUTROC and others.

About ENGAGe (European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups)

What is ENGAGe?

ENGAGe is a network of European patient advocacy groups, established in 2012, by ESGO representing all gynaecological cancers particularly (ovary, endometrial, cervix, vulva and rare cancers).

Why is ENGAGe needed?

  • There are wide variations in patient care across Europe
  • Patients are not adequately informed about gynaecological cancer and their management
  • Survivorship issues are not adequately addressed and psychosocial support in general is poor

The ENGAGe objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the development of national gynaecological cancer patient groups in Europe and to facilitate networking and collaboration between them.
  • Disseminate information and share best practices to empower patient groups and improve the quality of care across Europe.
  • To increase patient representation in ESGO activities by education on current research and health policy.
  • To advocate patient care policies practices and access to appropriate care at both national and European levels.
  • To educate patient groups, health professionals, the public and health decision makers.