World Gynecologic Oncology Day/September 20th

GO Day 2023 Theme – GO for Testing

The 5th World GO Day is here!

Since 2019 over 80 patient and health organisations from 34 countries have engaged in at least 130 online and outdoor activities to raise awareness about gynecologic cancers and to show their support to women fighting these diseases.

We are very proud that World Gynecologic Oncology Day (World GO Day) is getting bigger and bigger every single year! And we would like to invite all of you—whoever and wherever you are—to play your part in our event on September 20th again.

Find more information about the 5th World GO Day below. Get ready to wear some purple clothes, lipstick or nail polish to help us spread our message further—all over the globe.

Why? Because together we can always achieve much more!


GO for Testing, GO for Prevention, GO for the right Treatment

Every year, more  than 1 million women are diagnosed with cervical, ovarian, endometrial or other types of gynecologic cancers. However, these diseases are still not very well known. Women themselves may be unaware about the signs and possibilities of prevention, early detection and treatment.

World GO Day represents a unique opportunity to not only to raise awareness about these cancers in the general public but also to educate and remind women about the importance of sharing information and experiences.

That’s why our scope is not limited to one single day in the calendar. The global #WorldGODay campaign, both on social media and via traditional media, will be running from Kissing Day (July 6th) onwards.

This year our campaign will focus on the very important topic of gynecological tumors and testing – including Pap smears, HPV DNA testing and self-sampling and genetic testing.

Why is testing so important for secondary prevention and also for the right treatment?  Check out a brief summary on different types of testing  or download informational brochures about HPV tests and genetic testing  from ESGO ENGAGe.


Follow us and share our recipe for an active life!

For the 5th World GO Day we are mixing together a practical overview of the facts about HPV screenings and genetic testing. And we’ll spice it up with attractive content related to other ingredients for an active and happy life – regular movement, healthy food, mental health and scheduled check-ups.

Our aim is to share useful tips in an engaging and simple to understand way. We want to motivate women to share these tips further: To their relatives, friends and loved ones. Just as we share our favorite recipes!

So don´t forget to follow World GO Day on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And keep in mind our main message of the year – GO for Testing. GO for Prevention. GO for the right Treatment. It’s the perfect recipe for an active life!


Get ready for World GO Day events

Are you looking forward to World GO Day 2023? Let´s get ready!

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